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Gemstones by Marvin Lansden Personal
Clockwise from upper left: citrine baguette, red/pink tourmaline, cognac tourmaline, bi-color tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, peridot, fire opal, aquamarine.

Welcome to DARMAR ENTERPRISES. Here you will see and shop for some of the unique gemstones by gemcutter Marvin Lansden. These are created right here in our own shop. Browse through our pages; you're sure to find something you love.

  • Showroom 1 - Faceted stones we have cut and a few pieces we have purchased that display unique or noteworthy qualities. There is no particular order so start at the top if you are a first time visitor.
  • Showroom 2 - Faceted and cabochon stones and a few pieces of jewelry in combinations not usually seen. Be sure to contact me if you have questions about any of the items on this site.
  • Lone Star Cut Topaz - The official gemstone cut of the State of Texas - a separate page for this special cut with some interesting details about The Cut.
  • Custom Cutting and Gem Repair. - Click this link if you have chipped or scratched stones you want repaired, or if you need a special stone cut from your rough or ours.
  • Index. - Actually three pages of alphabetical index to help you find exactly what you want. It's also a neat little quick tour of stones pictured on the website. Remember only a small part of our inventory is on this site. Contact us for anything you do not see.

About Us:

After years of avid stone collecting, it was a natural transition for us to become gemstone dealers. That happened in 1984 and we have been supplying colored gemstones to jewelers, designers and collectors ever since. The lure of creating our own beautiful stones led to the purchase of our first faceting machine. This quickly led to the addition of our lapidary services. Now we facet, carve, repair, cab, import and sell all types of gemstones.

Ready to pick from amethyst parcel

Our rough is individually picked and has qualities that are personally appealing to us. It can and has come from almost anywhere -- vendors’ parcels, broken stone boxes, side of the road, rock shop hidden on the edge of the Chihuahuan desert, etc..

Sidelighting topaz rough 1

The cuts are chosen or designed to bring out the qualities of the stone, make something interesting and unique, and create eye candy. Then the fine quality cutting and polish transforms each once-upon-a-time-only-a-rock into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gemstone.

Native cut stones:

In addition to the designer cut stones, we have standard and fine native-cut imported stock in all of the birthstones, plus half-drilled pearls and popular fashion stones such as Iolite, Tanzanite, natural Spinel, Andalusite, Turquoise melee, MawSitSit, Fire Agate, Rose Quartz, et cetera. We have a lot of inventory not shown. Contact us for any stone or cut not shown on this site. We can tell you right away if we have it in stock. Also, we can e-mail you a picture of the stone on request.


We accept payment through PayPal under the verified account of . To use this option go to: or click the PayPal button below. We also accept money orders and checks with the condition that shipment will be delayed until the money order or check is funded.

Contact Us:

By email at:

By writing or calling:
DARMAR Enterprises
P. O. Box 1065
Leander, TX 78646-1065
Telephone: 512/259-3335

Wholesale page:

If you are a jeweler, designer, benchworker or make or buy jewelry for resale, please visit the wholesale page for details on wholesale prices. Also, when contacting us for the first time be sure to include enough information about your company to allow us to verify your trade status.

Picture note: The pictures are not to scale. Use the measurement and carat weight to determine the actual size of the stone. We try to get the color and appearance on the screen as close as possible to the actual stone. There may be some differences due to the differences in monitors, screen settings, and transmission.

New stones are added periodically as pictures become available. Visit again soon to see these. And if you have need any native or factory cut stones, send us an e-mail or call.

For questions or comments on anything else, please email:

or call: (512) 259-3335 for quotes.

--- Ms. Darrell

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