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Ametrine. Ascher - Emerald Cut. 10.69mm x 10.67mm. The ascher cut puts a wide edge of lively detail around the center of this stone where the change from yellow citrine to purple amethyst is seen. Viewed through the table, the pavilion facet pattern looks like graphic art or architecture and seems to make the colors switch on and off in adjacent facets. Overall color is medium to light amethyst with yellow citrine zones. More pictures. 5.8 ct. amtrn580. $174.00.

Prasiolite. Green Amethyst. Ascher - Emerald Cut. 10.8 mm x 10.6 mm. Beautiful light green prasiolite, also known as green amethyst. The ascher cut concentrates color and adds sparkle around the center. Shown displayed on clamp ring, not included. More pictures. 6.08 ct. prasascher. $304.00.

White Quartz Hexagon

Quartz-Clear. Hexagon. 24mm. A big, eye-catching stone of crisp, clean, clear quartz. This hexagonal cut reflects up and down, as well as side to side, making it look as if there are ten times more facets. A very lively, large stone perfect for a pendant. Measures 24mm point to point and 17.4mm table to culette. Larger picture. 42.36 ct. whqtz4236. $508.32.

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Rubellite Pear Shape. 13x10. Gorgeous, very red, very clean tourmaline is large enough for an impressive pendant or ring. Cut in Idar-Oberstein. Click for Larger picture.6.48 carats. turrub648. $3888.00.

Rhodolite Round. 10.95 mm. Large red rhodolite round has constant play of fire from the modified portugese cut. Undertones of brick red. Excellent evening stone. 5.19 carats. rhod519e. $259.50.

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Citrine Oval. 11 x 9 mm. Rich, natural red-orange color with the brightness inherent in the citrine crystal. This is a beautiful stone which will show the strong color throughout after it is set. In this image the stone was back-lighted to show natural color zoning. 3.26 carats. citmdra326a. $130.40.

Sapphire Princess Cut. 5.4 x 5.4 mm. The princess cut is modern and sparkles; the dark blue color and size (nearly one carat) is classic. 0.96 carats. sapprn096c. $624.

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Spessartite Garnet Round. 5.93 mm. Very bright reddish-orange with slight brown undertones. Stone has feather inclusions and an almost neon brightness. 0.81 carats. spes081b. $97.20.

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Kunzite Shield. Maltese Cross. 10 x 8 mm. This complicated cut combines two facet patterns, top and bottom, to produce a Maltese cross when viewed from the top. This effect is created entirely by facet placement and is not carved or matte-finished. The cross is only visible from the top. Light pink color. More pictures. 4.09 carats. kunshld. $245.4.

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Spessartite Garnet. Princess Cut. 5 mm. Classic bright orange spessartite color. This is almost a kool-aid orange and has yellow-orange overtones. The size is good for both men’s and women’s jewelry. 1.02 carats. spessq102a. $153.00.

Tourmaline-Blue/Green Square. 10 x 9.8 x 8.8 mm. Surprising cut on this dark teal blue tourmaline. Many varied facet shapes make the unusual bottom. The pyramid top is formed from stacked and inverted triangles. This is a very dark stone and will look best if set to allow light to enter from below the girdle. Click to see the unusual cut in these other pictures. 6.18 carats. tourblgn618. $556.20.

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Aquamarine Princess Cut. 7.45 x 7.55 mm. The color overwhelms the inclusions. Best aquamarine color with no green tones. If clean, this stone would be 2 to 3 times the price. With this stone you get perfect color at an affordable price. 2.06 carats. aqprn206a. $370.80.

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Amethyst Carving Rd. 18 mm. Medium dome light amethyst has a paisley-shaped flat bottom carving on one side. The very pale lavender color brings out the natural veils and inclusions in the amethyst material. When held with side lighting the veils are sharper, well-defined and gives the stone more character. 14.83 carats. amcrva. $66.74.

Rhodolite Garnet EC. 14x9.7x6.5mm. Color is deep red and magenta and shows strongly in flashes around the stone . It is cut to a pointed culette, however this is not a deep stone and can be set in a standard setting. A long veil-type inclusion crosses the stone diagonally under the table, but is not easily seen face-up through the dark color. 7.91 carats. garrhdec791b. $411.32.

Aqua Emerald Cut 0.89 carats

Aquamarine. Emerald Cut. 7.5 x 4.25 mm. A classic shape but with clipped corners for a modern look. Light blue color and slim lines are a good match for the new “classic“ jewelry. 0.89 carats. aqec89. $44.50

Aqua Rectangle Cab aAqua Rectangle Cab b

Aquamarine Cabochon Rectangle. 11 x 9 mm. Good sky blue color in an unusual shape for a cab. The few veil inclusions are perpendicular to the top and show only as lines in a field of clean blue color. 4.48 carats. aqucb340a. $134.40

Aqua Trillian 12.31 caratsAqua Trillian b

Aquamarine. Fancy Trillian. 14.5 mm. Fancy cut trillian with myriad facets both top and bottom. Very light blue with gray tones looks flashes white from all those facets. Pinpoint inclusions and small veils are effectively invisible through this cut. 12.31 carats. aqtr1231. $590.88

Spessartite Round 6 mm. Always bright, this spessartite garnet is a classic size making it suitable for many settings. The orange color has a tone of burnt orange. 0.81 carats. spes81. $97.20

Kunzite. Barion/Cushion. 8.75 x 6.7 x 7.4 mm. Natural light pink kunzite double barion cut gives the stone a tall crown with a well proportioned table. All those facets seem to multiply and the stone appears to glow from each plane. Bright light pink with medium gray tones through c-axis. 3.31 carats. kucu875. $297.90

Peridot. Oval. 1.13 carats

Peridot. Oval. 7.6 x 5.8 mm This peridot looks like a fancy cut. The extra flashes of color come from the faceted girdle. This stone looks great in studio lighting; in natural daylight the green color shines from the whole stone. 1.13 carats. perov113. $85.88

Malawi Tourmaline

Tourmaline. Oval. 12 x 9 mm. Bright, showy lemon-lime color in this tourmaline from Malawi. Fancy faceted top. Golden needle-like inclusions diagonally through the stone. Good size for ring or pendant. 4.11 carats. turgn411. $197.28

Peridot Baguette Tapered

Peridot. Baguette Tapered. 15 x 9 x 6 mm. Excellent color, large stone, great shape. Wonderful color in this fancy peridot makes it an ideal center stone. 7.10 carats. perbg710. $355.00

Aquamarine Rd Cab 6.18 ct

Aquamarine. Round-Cab. 10.5 x 7.25 mm. Good, strong medium blue color. This cab is tall enough to make a design impact in both a ring or a pendant. Very blue color is great for both yellow and white metal. Pinpoint inclusions in clean field. Veils near the bottom are perpendicular to the top viewing angle and do not cloud the stone or affect its integrity. Top view. 6.18 carats. aqcb618. $148.32

Aquamarine. Cushion. 11.5mm x 8mm. Native cut from Brazil, this is a classic long cushion shape with diamond-shaped, portugese cut facets giving sparkle. Medium blue color throughout. More pictures. 3.75 ct. aqcu374. $900.00.

Dark Pink Tourmaline Kite

Tourmaline. Kite. 14 x 7 mm. Striking dark pink/magenta color in an uncommon shape will make a perfect pendant. And the size is right for a custom ring. Clean, no inclusions at 10x. 2.81 carats. turkite281b. $533.90

Beryl-Peach. Capricio Cut.

Beryl-Peach. Capricio Cut. 11.5 x 11.5 mm. Color is medium light peach that darkens and shows red tones when viewed through the table. Good cut for this material -- no window. Clean. 5.41 carats. berp541. $162.30

Rhodolite Garnet Triangle 1.83 ct

Garnet-Rhodolite. Triangle. 12 x 6 x 4.4 mm. Magenta-maroon color is THE rhodolite color. This is an unusual cut for this material and it shows the color very well. The Other Views. show the beautiful color and details of the cut. 1.83 carats. gartr183. $73.20

Cognac half-moon tourmaline

Tourmaline. Half-moon. 9 x 6 mm. Cognac color with smokey yellow and green undertones. Lots of life in this cut with rich golden tones dancing as it is moved. Clean, no inclusions at 10x. Nigerian origin. 1.97 carats. turcog197a. $295.50.

Magenta Pink Sapphire Cushion

Magenta Sapphire. Cushion. 7 mm x 6 mm x 4 mm deep. Native cut from Sri Lanka. Although we did not cut this stone, it is so pretty I had to include it here. Strong magenta color with deep pink undertones that flash through the stone as it is turned. Very lively. The picture was taken at a slight oblique angle to show the pink undertones. But there is NO window. The color is strong even in shadow. More pictures. 1.57 ct. . psap157b. $1491.50

Opposed Bar Green Peridot

Peridot. Opposed Bar. 13.12 mm x 5.68. Wonderful green peridot from Afghanistan. Finally, some pieces of good quality rough are again coming out of Afghanistan. This is a luscious green; the green of Cleopatra's emeralds. Beautiful that will be an heirloom. Great cut and size for any style. More pictures. 4.48 ct. . perec448. $403.20

Amethyst Bicolor - white and purple

Amethyst. Emerald Cut. 17 mm x 15 mm. Unusual amethyst is a deep, rich purple with red undertones when viewed face up. Turn it sideways and it's a bicolor. The top is crystal clear; the bottom a pool of dark purple. Face up you see beautiful purple color throughout with no shadow or too-dark areas. Native cut stone with a very good polish. Side view. 22.05 ct. . ambi2205. $882.00

Aquamarine Radiant Cut

Aquamarine. Baguette. 6 mm x 4 mm. Medium to dark color aquamarine in a modified radiant cut. The good color and unusual cut are a perfect match. It's a stone you'll keep coming back to see. Excellent ring stone size. 0.52 ct. . aqbg052. $104.00

Natural color EC Amethyst

Amethyst.. Emerald Cut. 19.75 x 13.3. Natural color amethyst. Pictured with backlighting to show the slight color banding that is present in natural amethyst. This banding is not seen when the stone is viewed on the hand. Extra time and care produce the large flat facets with no waves or dips. The result is a livelier stone. (Note: I always look for some color banding in large amethyst and citrine. We have repaired quite a few large emerald cut "amethyst" and "citrine" that show no color banding. All have been synthetic and were sold to our customers as natural. Our policy and promise: we tell you if one of our stones is cut from synthetic material.) 20.38 ct. amec2038. $815.20

Bicolor Tourmaline EC Bicolor Tourmaline EC Rear View

Bicolor Tourmaline. Emerald Cut. 14.29 mm x 7.71 mm x 5.64 mm. Very clean bicolor tourmaline has no inclusions at the color transition. The mixed rectangle cut is perfect for the change at the center from gray green on one end to rose-sherry on the other. With movement, the end facets reflect the color on the opposite ends giving the illusion of the two colors switching ends. Rear view shows the actual body colors. This stone is also pictured in the collection at the top of the Our Company page. 5.64 carats. toubi564. $564.00

White Quartz Emerald Cut

White Quartz Emerald Cut 31 mm x 21 mm x 19 mm This is a very large stone of clear, clean quartz. Very showy and sparkly. The reflections through the stone will pick up surrounding colors, especially the color it is facing. A "WOW" stone with a small price tag. 80.35 carats. qtz8035a $723.15

Yellow Beryl Trillian

Yellow Beryl. Trillian. 10 mm. Light lemon yellow color in a sparkling cut. Calibrated size. I especially like this with light pink topaz and aquamarine colors. Transparent pinpoint inclusions below the table can be seen as part of a veil in a very oblique angle. 2.97 carats. beryel294. $178.20

Citrine Tapered Baguette

Golden Citrine. Tapered Baguette. 7.5 mm x 6.5 mm x 4 mm. Rich golden color citrine. A very versatile size and color. Can be used alone for a pendant, ring, or tie tack, or combined with a larger stone, such as amethyst, peridot, garnet or topaz, in pendant bail or two stone ring. 1.32 carats. citbg132. $43.00.

Aquamarine princess cut

Aquamarine. Princess cut. 9 x 9 mm. Stong medium blue color draws attention to the facet design going into the corners. Center shows a darker blue -- no window. Excellent size for ring, pin or pendant. Eye-clean. 3.37 carats. aqprn337. $505.50.

Kunzite Cushion

Light Pink Kunzite. Double Barion Cut. 8.75 mm x 6.7 mm x 7.4. Girdle to culet depth - 4.4 mm, girdle to table depth - 3 mm. This cut gives the stone a tall crown with a well proportioned table. All those facets seem to multiply and the stone appears to glow from each plane. Light pink with medium gray tones through c-axis. 3.31 carats. kucu875. $297.90.

Natural Topaz Square Natural Topaz Square a

Natural Untreated Brazilian Topaz. Square. 13.7mm x 13.6mm. Girdle to culet 7.7mm. Untreated blue topaz is rarely seen. This piece has a nice light blue color with slight greenish undertones. The fancy diamond cut top multiplies the facets. This stone looks great in both orientations shown above. 18.60 carats. tpnt1860. $372.00

Golden Citrine Rectangle/baguette

Golden Citrine. Rectangle/baguette shape. 13mm x 6mm. Rich golden color citrine with fancy pavilion facets that change from dark to gold to bright gold as the stone is moved. This effect rolls along the long axis. citbg315. More pictures. 3.15 carats. citbg315. $126.00

Golden Tourmaline Half Moon

Golden Tourmaline. Half Moon. This very lively, clean stone has a rich color golden color. Its strong look will make into a fine stand-alone piece. The classic but uncommon shape can easily be accented with baguette, trillian, square or round shapes. 9.54 mm x 6.78 mm x 6.92 mm.3.05 carats. tugo305. $457.50

Golden Tourmaline Triangle/PS/Arrowhead

Golden Tourmaline. Triangle/PS/Arrowhead. Orangy-golden color throughout, no black or grey undertones. The long triangle shape and shallow cut give a big look, yet the stone weighs less than three carats. Pinpoint inclusions in body of stone. 11 mm x 8.4 mm x 5.3 mm. 2.93 carats. tou293. $351.60

Aquamarine Trillian

Aquamarine. Trillian. 5.6 mm. A bright, medium-to-light blue stone in a versatile size. 0.63 carats. aqtr063. $94.50

Aquamarine Cabochon

Aquamarine. Pear Shape Cabochon. 12.72 mm x 6.92 mm x 4.93 mm. Medium blue color with inclusions appearing to be parallel lines. The regular placement of these lines suggests several designs. The stone is otherwise clean, has a great polish, high dome and flat bottom. 2.95 carats. aqcb295 $60.00.

Amethyst Checkerboard Top Emerald Cut

Amethyst. Emerald Cut. 21.21 mm x 15.19 mm x 12.61 mm. This fancy cut creates rolling flashes of pink undertones along the length as the stone is moved. A beautiful large stone with rich pink-magenta tones. More pictures. 25.18 carats. amec2518a $1259.00.

Golden Tourmaline Checkerboard Cushion

Golden Tourmaline. Cushion. 8 mm x 8 mm x 6.7 mm. Glowing golden color in this very lively stone. The interplay between brilliant cut pavilion and checkerboard top makes the rich color dance. This size is very good for both ladies' and gentlemen's rings. More pictures. 2.36 carats. tugocufy $354.00

Large Precious Topaz Trillion

Precious Topaz Trillion. 25mm per side. Light peach color with brown overtones. This is a very large and attractive stone. Lively with lots of faceting to draw the eye of the viewer. There are pinpoint inclusions which do not detract from its sparkle or allure. This stone would be suitable for evening wear or for day jewels. 70.60 carats. tptr7060 $2118.00.

Peach Beryl

Peach Beryl Opposed bar. 16.79mm x 6.75mm x 5.82mm deep. Very interesting visual play of barrel cut facets on the top cutting across straight facets on the bottom. Color is similar to precious topaz. Clean at 10x. In profile the stone is sub-half-moon shaped. Be sure to see More Pictures. to see the exact shape. 4.30 carats. bpea430 $258.00.


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