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Gemstone Repair - Gemstone Cutting

Amethyst crystal rough from customer - before cuttingAmethyst portugese cut - after cutting.
Click here for a step-by-step illustration of cutting the portugese cut amethyst shown above.


DARMAR ENTERPRISES provides a wide range of lapidary services including custom cut gems, gemstone repairs, re-polishing, re-cutting, faceting, and inlay. We work with all of the most popular materials such as colored gemstones both precious and semi-precious, onyx, turquoise, lapis, coral, opal, lab-grown and synthetic gemstones, and common rocks. All our stone cutting, recutting, repair, faceting, inlay, slabbing, drilling, and lapidary services are done right here in our shop.

Repairing or replacing a damaged stone gives your existing jewelry a fresh, new look and can restore a favorite to your jewelry wardrobe. Redo, restyle or update an old piece of jewelry with a different centerpiece stone to make a new favorite piece. Or choose a centerpiece stone from our cut stones for inspiration for a brand new piece of jewelry.

Crystals and rocks you already have can be cut into beautiful, interesting, unique stones. A favorite rock or crystal may be a good candidate for faceting a special gem, or may only need a bit of trimming and polishing to make it a distinctly personal piece for jewelry, display, or special souvenir.

Faceting and Custom Cutting

Bi-color Amethyst crystal - before cutting. Origin North Carolina, US   We can facet stones to your specification using your rough materials or ours. If you haven't a design in mind, we work with you to give you viable choices and can suggest designs that best use the material.

Example: Top picture- Amethyst bicolor rough; White and purple bicolor crystal was found by our customer on a gem hunting vacation. He wanted the largest stone possible with both white and purple colors showing. He was not concerned about hiding the natural inclusions. Bottom picture: The finished stone: we determined that a trap cut would use most of the crystal and retain the strong color difference. The stone also has extra interest and personality because of the visible inclusions. 
Bi-color Amethyst - trap cut showcases color zones and interesting inclusions  


Badly damaged fine emerald   We can recut chipped and broken stones. A small chip or break can often be cut out so that the stone can be reset in the same piece of jewelry. Stones with large breaks can be salvaged by recutting, either to a smaller size of the original pattern or into a new shape.

Each stone is individually evaluated to determine what can be done to repair it. If you are thinking about getting a stone recut, let us know what you have in mind and send a picture of your stone with as many details as possible. We can give you some guidance and advice on what can be done and on how and whether a repair will change the stone.

Example: Top picture- This fine, 2.33ct emerald was in an heirloom vintage piece. Because the damage was so severe, the stone would be smaller after recutting and there was a risk that the stone would not survive recutting. Since the piece was inherited and held great sentimental value, the owner decided to proceed with recutting and use the finished stone in a new piece. Bottom picture: Repaired stone. The stone lost 0.24ct in weight and only a fractional millimeter of length and width dimension. It is now a valuable and cherished stone that will be used in a new piece styled to honor the ancestor.  
Repaired fine emerald  


Aquamarine - extensive abrasions on crown   Stones with shallow scratches or facet edges rounded from wear, especially those scratched or worn only on the top, are greatly improved by polishing or cutting out the scratches.

Example: Top picture- This large aqua was so abraded on all crown facets that it looks out of focus. The stone looks foggy and somewhat opaque. Bottom picture: Repaired stone. The entire crown has been repolished. The stone is again brilliant and beautiful. 
Aquamarine - after crown was repolished  


Vintage ring with lapis pyramid stone missing.   We can reproduce unusual and antique cuts which are difficult or impossible to find. This is useful when you need to replace a lost earring stone or vintage stone.

Example: Top picture- A vintage ring with rows of pyramid-shaped lapis lazuli is missing one stone. We were asked to cut a new stone to match and secure it in the ring. Bottom picture: A piece of lapis lazuli the same color as the existing stones was cut to the same pyramid shape and size to fit in the open space, then securely re-glued in the opening. Before returning the ring to the customer we also checked the other stones to be sure all were unbroken and secure. 
New lapis pyramid cut to fit and installed in vintage ring  

Damaged turquoise inlay in silver ring   Black onyx, opal, lapis, turquoise, coral, granite, and others - Modern, antique, ethnic, native American - All types and ages of jewelry have various kinds of stone inlayed using various methods. Inlay is a special type of gem setting which requires each piece to be cut and fit exactly into its seat. This sometimes requires carving to get a precise fit. We take great care cutting and inlaying replacement stones so they will look like the original.

Example: Top picture- One of the turquoise pieces inlayed into this silver ring has a hole. The customer wanted the piece replaced with a new one to match the color of the others in the piece. Bottom picture: The new piece of turquoise was chosen both for color and vein pattern. Also, the void behind the turquoise was filled to give the stone better support and help prevent the same type of damage. 
Matching turquoise cut to fit and installed in silver ring 

What To Do

Send us an email and describe what you have in mind. Attach a picture, if possible. We will give you a preliminary assessment of your job, including estimated price, and discuss any questions you have. Although we must see the stone in hand in order to give you a price quote, we can usually give an approximate or minimum price based on our understanding of your description of the stone.


We accept payment by check and money order and by credit card through PayPal under the verified account of service@darmarenterprises.com. To use this option go to: https://www.paypal.com or click the PayPal button below. When prompted for our account number enter service@darmarenterprises.com.

Contact Us

E-mail or call us with your request. If you want a particular stone or cut not shown on this site, e-mail, write or call. We have a lot of inventory not shown.


Telephone: 512/259-3335

P.O. Box 1065
Leander, TX 78646

A chipped, abraded or broken stone can often be salvaged. Find out what we can do to redo/recut your gem.

**Note to jewelers and other jewelry professionals: When contacting us for the first time be sure to include enough information about your company to allow us to verify your trade status.

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