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 DARMAR ENTERPRISES provides a wide range of lapidary services for jewelers, designers, hobbyists and individuals. We repair, repolish, recut and facet all types of gemstone materials, including all colored gemstones, precious and semi-precious, and inlay materials such as onyx, turquoise, lapis, coral and opal, and synthetic gemstones. All gemstone repair and gemcutting is done right here in our own shop.

An example of our gemcutting is the portugese cut amethyst shown above. These are pictures of the actual cutting stages of this stone.

Amethyst cut to length
Our customer wanted a portugese cut amethyst in a dark color. The chosen rough (shown above)was cut to length and secured to a dop stick with black wax.
Amethyst preform on dop.
In the first, preform, stage the bottom of the stone is ground to the rough outlines of the finished stone.
Amethyst 1st rough facets
The stone is now cut on a lap for the faceting passes. Each subsequent pass uses finer and finer grit. During each pass, each facet is cut one at a time, in a specific order.
Close-up of 2nd rough facet
Facet edges and points "meet" each other precisely when the last polishing pass is finished. The more facets a cut has, the more time each pass takes.
Amethyst turned to second dop
After a very fine polish is done on the bottom, the stone is transferred to a second dop to start cutting the top of the stone.
Amethyst top before table is cut
These passes start at the girdle so, at first, the facets join at a point at the top of the stone.
Amethyst Portugese cut - dark
At last, the table is cut and the finished stone is removed from the dop. This stone has a gorgeous color of deep purple with strong red undertones that flash off all those facets and through the stone as it is turned.

Faceting and Custom Cutting

We can facet stones to your specification using your rough materials or ours. If you haven't a design in mind, we work with you to give you viable choices and will suggest designs that best use the material.

What To Do

If you are thinking about getting a new stone cut or an existing stone recut, let us know what you have in mind and give us as many details as possible. We can give you some guidance and advice on what can be done. Although we must see the stone in order to give you a price quote, we can usually give an approximate or minimum price based on our understanding of you description of the stone.

Note to jewelers and other jewelry professionals: When contacting us for the first time be sure to include enough information about your company to allow us to verify your trade status.


We accept payment by check and money order and by credit card through PayPal under the verified account of service@darmarenterprises.com. To use this option go to: https://www.paypal.com or click the PayPal button below. When prompted for our account number enter service@darmarenterprises.com

Contact Us

E-mail or call us with your request. If you want a particular stone or cut not shown on this site, e-mail, write or call. We have a lot of inventory not shown.

Write or call:

P.O. Box 1065
Leander, TX 78646
Telephone: 512/259-3335

**Note: We do not claim to perform miracles. However, if you have broken the side off a good amethyst, for example, and don't want to glue it onto a vase or make it part of your desk decor, find out what we can do to salvage/recut it.


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