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Large Mason County Topaz
Lone Star Cut

Texas State
Gemstone Cut

Texas State

It starts as a rock, too rough, broken, and abraded to see what is inside, but there is a tantalizing blue color showing. Before any cut is started the rock is investigated and evaluated from every angle and in water and, sometimes, oils to try to see beyond the rough surface. It looked promising.

An initial cut was made to make a window on one side. Now it looked very promising, so preforming and the first few faceting passes were done. At each stage the stone is looked at with magnifying glasses and loupe to find hidden inclusions.

Halfway through the cutting, when the facets were becoming clear enough to see through the stone, some inclusions became visible near one surface. The faceting passes had to start over to cut out these inclusions and give us a clean stone. The final polish seemed to take forever - it takes a lot of time to make those are big, flat facets.

The Finished Stone


Blue Mason County Topaz. Lone Star Cut. 23 mm. 54.6 carats.

We were pleased and honored to be commissioned to cut a very large, clean, blue Mason County topaz in the Lone Star cut. After we located a piece of rough large enough, it took several weeks to preform, facet and polish the stone. The result is this beautiful, very large stone. You can clearly see the light blue color and, even in this compressed digital picture, the clarity. A very special specimen.

To order a stone of this size, please contact us. If you have a large piece of topaz you want cut, we will be happy to evaluate the rough and quote a cutting price. 54.6 ct. lstoplarg. $Contact us for pricing.

You can special order the lone star cut in any other material. Minimum price on the most popular alternate material of pale amethyst and citrine is the same as light to medium blue topaz. Per carat prices are comparable, but carat weights are usually lower in the bigger diameters of amethyst and citrine. Other materials, such as spessartite garnet, Mexican opal or lab-grown stones, are cut by special order only. Send your specifications for a price quote. Unless specified in the price quote, special order stones are not returnable.

Other shapes - We can cut the lone star cut in stone shapes other than the round. So far, these shapes are emerald cut, square, triangle and pear shape. And we are developing a few others. We have a few of these in inventory most of the time ready for immediate shipment. And, of course, we can cut the shape and size (and material) you want. Contact us for price quote for stones not listed on this site. Note: The Official Lone Star Cut is, by law, a "round" stone. These other shapes should always be referred to by shape as well as cut, such as Lone Star in Emerald Cut.

Contact us for estimated price and availability on emerald cut, square, triangle and other shapes and for material other than topaz.

Jewelers, designers, jewelry craftsmen, benchworkers and jewelry industry tradespeople and professionals, please contact us for wholesale price quotes on stones.

All prices are subject to change. Texas Sales Tax and shipping and insurance charges are additional.


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