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Corkscrew inclusion in Mason County Topaz

Corkscrew inclusion in topaz. Slice. 29.6mm x 16.68mm x 5.18mm. Unusually long corkscrew inclusion in Mason County topaz slice. The easily visible inclusion is 17.5 mm long. The visible size and the unusual length are a rarity for this type inclusion. The rough edge of the stone is the unpolished surface of the waterworn crystal. Slabbing cut on the back is not polished. Larger picture. 1 piece. mstpcorkscrew. $120. SOLD

Mason County Topaz. Crystal slice. 29.5 x 10.5 x 7.2 mm. This slice off the rind of a large white Mason County topaz crystal has been polished on one side revealing a landscape picture. Bright white reflections from the crystal face striations and natural yellow-brown inclusions give the stone a 3-dimensional aspect. More pictures. 19.24 carats. mstpcrysj. $69.96.

Mason County Topaz Crystals. Various sizes. Natural Mason County topaz crystals. Each crystal has its own unique attributes. Individual descriptions are below.

Mason County Topaz Crystal E. Crystal. 19.6mm x 13.56mm x 11.25mm. Clear white, fairly clean stone is transparent within. Translucent, hazy appearance is caused by the surface wear on the crystal faces. All faces and the termination are apparent. Irregular break from halfway across termination to halfway down one side. Yellow inclusion from bottom extending diagonally up one side. Slight blue-green color can be seen at some angles. 4.42 gm. mstpspcmne. $8.84. SOLD

Mason County Topaz Crystal G. Crystal. 11.9mm x 12.02mm x 13.1mm. Two good faces along C axis with striations still evident. Cleavage plane at top of crystal (shown at bottom in picture) is a natural window into the facinating interior of the stone. Some of the easily seen details are a red flat-branched inclusion, small black needles, bubbles in veil arrangement, yellow veils and the underside of the stepped growth pattern. Lots to see in a small stone. Camera angle is almost parallel to window. 3.55 gm. mstpspcmng. $7.10. SOLD

Mason County Topaz Crystal H. Crystal. 17.7mm x 15.5mm x 12.9mm. This stone is actually two crystals. The crystal termintion (top left in picture) belongs to the second growth crystal. Only one good face remains of the first crystal, but once you find it you will be able to discern the joining of the second crystal. Surface is worn, but enough of the striations on the faces remain to see the structure. White color with yellow host rock on the surface. 5.08 gm. mstpspcmnh. $5.08.

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